Sunday, September 23, 2007

Laura's Adoption Ad

Hi. I'm Laura.

Please click on my picture to watch my video.

Nobody is sure when I was born, and I was too young to remember, but everyone thinks I'm about 8 months old. I look like a miniature German Shepherd but I'm probably what they call a Heinz 57. How I resemble ketchup is beyond me but it sure is yummy. I'm about 35 lbs now and on the lean and narrow side so I won't get much bigger.

I don't have a home of my own yet, so for now I'm staying with some nice doggies, Phoebe and Boomer, and their humanss

Here I am with my little buddy, Sophia. She's waiting for her forever home too. You can read more about her here:

Let me tell you a little about myself. My sister, Tina, and I used to live on the streets. There wasn't much food to come by so we were always hungry and thirsty. One day there was this kind-looking woman who walked past us. Tina and I followed her home. I think that was Tina's idea. She's pretty smart but it runs in the family.

The woman gave us some bread. We were so hungry that it was the best bread I ever ate. Too bad it only lasted for about 2 seconds--that Tina can be a hog sometimes. The woman's house was already full of other dogs she had saved and she didn't have room for us, so she walked us back to where she originally found us. But we liked her so much--it wasn't every day that people were nice to us back then--that we decided to follow her home again. We had terrible skin and coats back then, from something called malnourishment, but the woman saw our beauty underneath and got in touch with another kind lady, who took us in.

You may have already met my foster mom. She took care of a bunch of other dogs before us, including Iris and Doris. They all found their own families to love them and take care of them, and I hope Tina and I are just as lucky.

But I'm supposed to be telling you about myself, so let's get back to the subject. My foster mom says I'm very sweet and gentle and a good follower. I listen well so you don't have to raise your voice at me. I'm good on the leash and like to stick to my foster mom when I'm off-leash. I sit quietly in the car (I prefer to be on the floor), and I've got the whole housetraining routine down pretty well too.

I love my crate. I like to sleep in it every night but sometimes Phoebe sneaks in there before I get a chance. I am crated when nobody is home and I like to nap in the crate throughout the day. My favorite position is upside down.

I'm bashful with strangers and new dogs when we first meet. When I lived on the streets, I was used to people walking past me everyday. But they didn't usually give me any attention, and when they did, it usually wasn't the good kind. So now I'm a little nervous when strangers give me attention because I'm not sure if it's going to be good or bad. But give me some time to get used to you and we can be good friends. My foster mom says it is very important for my well-being that my new family continue to socialize me with lots of new people.

I like to play with other dogs. Chase.



Sometimes we have so much fun, it's scary.

But really, it's all good.

Even though they call me a puppy, I'm pretty calm. I've got really good house manners and I can amuse myself. I love to be near my foster mom, but I never interrupt her for attention. I'm just happy to follow her all around the house so that I can be close to her.

I'm just an all-around good girl. But I have my share of problems too. My left hind leg and ankle never formed properly. I also have hip dysplasia but I've been checked out by an orthopedic surgeon and he says right now my hips don't bother me at all and they may never bother me. It hasn't stopped me from having fun, but I do limp a little. Hopefully one day soon, I'll be all patched up. For now, I'm what you would call a Special Needs dog. That means I especially need you to love me.

I'm spayed, current on shots, and microchipped.

My foster mom also made sure that I tell you that she would be willing to dogsit me whenever she was free if my new family had to travel. That's how much she loves me.

I've been through a lot in my life. I know I'm lucky to have a foster mom that loves me so much but my dream is to find a forever home. My foster mom promised that there's one out there just for me. I'm willing and ready to give you my heart. Do you think you could welcome me into yours? I'll be patiently waiting.

* * UPDATE 9/6/2007 * *

My foster mom made a new video of me. She says she wants everyone to see how goofy I am. I don't know exactly what goofy means but I think it's a good thing because it made her laugh and smile so much.

* * UPDATE 9/14/2007 * *

These past 2 weeks I have been staying with some really nice people that work at Google. They take me to work everyday and even to the dog park and doggie social nights. PAR-TEE!

I even got to go to the Santa Cruz beach.

Pawprints in the sand.

I met some nice people.

We shared a few drinks.

It was an exciting day. The ocean, the sand, the sun, the half-naked people. I was pooped by the time we got back to the car.

What, are you still here?

* * UPDATE 9/15/2007 * *

I have a good friend named Ada. I've been staying with her and her husband and their 2 cats for a while.

I really like Ada. She knows how to treat a girl. That's to say, she gives me lots of treats!

More, please.

Are you SURE there's no more?

One thing about Ada is she can be a little clingy. She always wants to hug me. Being lovable can be trying at times.

Ada takes me out a lot to meet people and dogs. Sometimes it's scary at first, but after a while it's pretty fun. Here's a video of me at the dog park.

(Click on image to play.)

It's nice to have so many people take care of me while I'm waiting for my forever home. I'm learning a lot but there's still much for me to discover. I hope me and my permanent family will continue to discover the world together.

* * UPDATE 9/25/2007 * *

I returned home today from my overnight stay at the vet hospital following surgery on my leg. When the good vet brought me out to meet my foster mom, I walked so well and calmly on leash with a belly strap helping to balance me. Right when I saw my foster mom, I was so happy to see her that my body wiggled like crazy! She said she thought I was going to flop over.

I am sleeping a lot now, which is good for my leg. To correct the twist in my hind leg, the surgeon had to break the bone and reset it properly. There is now a metal plate in my leg, so I am like the bionic woman dog!

* * UPDATE 10/25/2007 * *

Hi. It's me, Laura, again.

The bandage on my leg was removed a few weeks ago. This picture was taken back then but the scar has healed even better by now.

It's been a slow few weeks. I'm still not allowed to do much so that my leg can properly heal. So there's a lot of vegging out.

Chewing on treats.

More vegging out.

Everybody gets in on it.

I remember the good ole days. When I could run and hop and bounce and play with abandon.

(Click picture to play video.)

But it won't be too much longer before those wild days of fun return. I'm getting better and stronger each day.

See how good I look prancing around nowadays?

Just a few more weeks and I'll be as good as new. Then watch out world!

* * UPDATE 11/5/2007 * *

I am free! Free at last! To run and bounce and chase and play! I had new xrays taken last week and they showed that my leg has healed very well. I still have hip dysplasia and my ankle is still a bit abnormal but my surgeon said neither of these problems bother me or stop me from doing anything dogs normally do. The doctor said I'm doing so well he wouldn't operate on them now and recommends that my new family just keep an eye on any change as I get older--the same as with any dog.

My foster mom gives me glucosamine supplements and this should be continued. The doctor said that maybe as I get older, my joints might start to get stiff if I run or play too hard and if that happens, you'll need to make sure I get rest and maybe some pain medication. Same thing goes for people! But right now, I'm doing super and just need to find my forever family to make my happiness complete.

(Click picture to play video.)

* * UPDATE 11/14/2007 * *

Life is good!

(Click image to play.)

Just for Fun

(Click images to play.)

Broccoli - yum!

Bully sticks - yummer!

Squeaky ball - not for eating, silly!