Friday, August 31, 2007

Au Revoir Laura, Hello Tina

Laura and Tina are sisters. I had both of them for a couple of days when they first came to the rescue. But Tina was soon transferred to another foster home. Tina's new foster mom was able to bring her to work at Google everyday so it provided great socialization for Tina. Unfortunately, her foster mom isn't in a position to keep her any longer so she's coming back here tonight.

Laura, on the other hand, has been staying with me but will be leaving to go to another foster home tonight. She was recently diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and also has a twisted back leg due to an improperly formed growth plate. She will soon require surgery. Before that happens though, I wanted to allow her the same opportunity as Tina to become better socialized. I'm not able to take her out to meet new people as often as I'd like, so tonight she goes to another foster home with somebody else that works at Google and who will also be able to take her to work every day where she will continue to be exposed to new people and other dogs.

The plan is for Laura to come back to me in a couple of weeks after she has a bit more socialization under her belt. Her treatment will start then. I will miss her while she's gone and will of course continue to worry about her the entire time.