Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Walk with Popeye

Going for a walk was the one thing we were never able to do with Popeye. He can move around freely in the house, and with his protective leg gear is able to play in the backyard as well as the dog park, as long as there is a grassy area. But with the hard concrete outside, we could never allow him to drag himself along the sidewalk. In the early days, when he was smaller and lighter, I was able to strap him to a sling and hold his rear end up. But as he grew, the weight was too much, so out of necessity, our walks came to consist of me pushing him around in the baby stroller.

However, now that he has his Eddie's Wheels, a walk with Popeye can finally be just that.


Sugar said...

Go Popeye! Little dude is rockin! I wish I had a camera-- Sugar is intently watching the video, with her ears perked up and her front legs crossed over the rim of the couch. She loves watching Popeye test run his new chair on a walk. I've had to play this video (at least) 4 times. Congratulations, Popeye! You look amazing.

KES9 said...

Its Kate from the SF Chihuahua Meetup Group! I have been keeping an eye on you and Popeye for ages.

It's been too long since I said HI!..HI!

I am so glad that he has his wheels!


Wild Dingo said...

Wow. that Eddie is talented. Popeye looks super happy. You have a very big heart. And Popeye rocks!