Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Rescue of Rosie

Thanks, Linda, for sharing this story. Having been involved in a few searches for lost fearful dogs, watching this video brought back the memories of hopelessness and heartbreak I often felt during the long and lonely hours that turned into days that turned into weeks of trying to find a dog that did not want to be found. I got so used to having my hopes dashed after each attempt that it became a constant dread and expectation.

Such was the state that I lived in that when the dogs were actually, miraculously, found, I sometimes had to remind myself that it was really true. Sometimes I would panic for a moment, and then remember that they were safe, and then panic again that that was just wishful thinking (like how, for a split second, you might think it's a Friday and be happy about it, only to realize it was really only Tuesday and be disappointed--except a thousandfold), and then only after forcing myself to really focus would I accept that what I had wished for with all my might for what seemed like the longest time actually came true.

Rosie's story has a happy ending, thanks to the involvement of a number of caring individuals. I remember that about my searches too. How complete strangers would come together to help an unknown dog. Thank you to all the people in the world who care enough to get involved.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That was inkhredible!

We know when good is going to happen - sometimes we are just a wee bit to slow to let it take place!


Mauro said...

Hi, Judy!

Out of topic ==> The Animal Rescue Site's new Shelter Challenge begins tomorrow!

fosterdogblog said...

Mauro, you are so on top of everything! I just finished a blog post about it which will be posted tomorrow.