Monday, June 23, 2008

A Visit to the Vet

Today we went to the vet. I was so good in the car, laying quietly the whole way. There was much to do when we got to the vet, new hearts to win. Everyone said I was sweet. I didn't make a fuss when they took my temperature from my butt (you'd think someone would have come up with a better way by now), and when they came to give me my rabies shot and microchip, I just rolled over on my back for them.

Out in the lobby, I met a nice little boy. He told me to sit and when I did, he gave me a treat. We played this game over and over, and I got so good at it that he didn't even have to tell me to sit anymore--I was already sitting by the time he had the treat out! He rubbed my head and I was very gentle with him.

I also met some parakeets. They were in a cage. I sat down and looked at them and they said "tweet tweet." I'm sorry to say I didn't understand their language but it was fun to watch them anyway.

It was another exciting day. I am pooped.