Monday, September 8, 2008

Nobody Suggested Putting Granny to Sleep

It offends me to no end when somebody sees Popeye and says after a few seconds, "Why don't you put him down?" It's happened a few times already. I would love to have a sign made of this picture.

I found the above picture from 2 sources. I'm not sure which is correct, so I'll mention both. The first is Eddie's Wheels, based in Massachusetts. According to this video, they placed this ad in Europe. It's a real picture, not posed, of a 90-year old woman in a wheelchair and her 90-lb german shepherd in a wheelchair.

The other source is Dogswheels, based in the UK.


Team Perry said...

That's a great ad!! I've met Popeye a couple of times and know that he is happy and just as full of life as any other puppy! It irriates me too when I hear that people suggest to put Popeye down. These people should not be allowed to own pets since it does not seem right to kill an anmial when it becomes inconvenient for the human. Popeye is more then enough dog w/two legs...if he had all four who would be able to keep up w/him? He is so lucky to have been rescued by Walk in The Bark...the best Rescue I've ever known. Keep doing the good work you are doing by helping dogs in need and helping them keep the life they so greatly deserve. All the best for Popeye and his long life ahead of him!!