Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Visit with Dori

Dori, formerly Doris, came to us unexpectedly during the time Isis was missing. I hadn't really wanted to take on another foster dog as I was gone most of the time searching for Isis, but another rescue called me up and said Dori's adopters didn't want to keep her because she was proving to be too shy and fearful.

I didn't really have too much experience with fearful dogs back then (Isis was the first one and she was missing in action) so I was hesitant to bring in another such dog. But Dori's adopters wanted her gone and she had no other place to go, especially one willing to take on a "problem" dog. So she came to us and up to that point, became my favorite foster dog ever (I've since had lots more favorites).

You can read Dori's complete story here:

Dori was one of the extremely few fosters I was tempted to keep, even knowing that adding a permanent 3rd dog to the household would mean the end of my fostering capabilities, a HUGE sacrifice to me. In the end though, she was adopted by an extremely loving couple in Petaluma. That was over a year ago.

Last weekend, Dori and her family threw a party and it was the first time we got to see her again in a long long while. Still just slightly standoffish with strangers, it was amazing to see her so confident and happy with a house packed with people and other dogs. She was even thrilled to see Tyler, who she was always wary of while she lived with us.

And her little "brother," Tre, wasn't quite so little anymore. When we last saw Tre, on the day we dropped Dori off at her new home back in 2007, Tre was only about 3 months old, a bashful 20-lb rottweiler. Today, he's a whopping 120 lbs and one of the sweetest dogs imaginable.

Popeye got to meet Dori too.

Popeye met a lot of people that day, but there was one particular fan who couldn't get enough of him.

To see Dori in her new home, her new life was truly a gift. It's the greatest reward I could possibly ever receive as a fosterer.