Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Night

There are 2 very large crates in our bedroom. We have found that most dogs prefer to sleep in a den-like area, such as a crate. There used to be 3 crates in our bedroom but about a year ago, Boomer decided he liked to sleep in my walk-in closet instead, so we put his crate away and set his dog bed in the closet. This usually leaves the 2 crates for Phoebe and the foster dog. Popeye has his own little baby-gated area.

Every night, when I go to bed, Bandit follows me to the bedroom and goes right into a crate. Phoebe is generally already in the other crate and Boomer in his usual spot in the closet. Two nights ago, I found Boomer in a crate and Phoebe in the closet. Last night when I went to bed, both Boomer and Phoebe were in each of the crates. Bandit looked at me as if to say, "NOW what do I do?"

Bandit's routine, since we first had him, has always been to sleep in a crate every night. He has never slept on the floor and he has certainly never slept in the closet. So last night, he checked here and there in the room, and each time he returned to the crates, they were both still occupied. Tyler and I were watching TV and I figured I would just leave Bandit to figure it out. I was curious to see if he would choose the floor or the dog bed in the closet.

Many minutes later, I looked over to see what he had decided and this was what I found: