Saturday, November 14, 2009

Goodbye Jewel, Hello Miko

It's been a nice little indulgence having a pup like Jewel around for the past week. She took Popeye's snarling and snapping, something he does to all new dogs in the house if they come unaccompanied by a new human, in stride and after a few days, managed to get him to play with her. Popeye's crack is tug-of-war so any dog who will tug with him is a friend.

A couple of days ago, we also added a 5th dog to the mix. Reese, who is brother to our Phoebe. Reese stayed with us before. He is super submissive and lets Popeye do whatever he wants to him so of course it didn't take them long to become friends.

But Reese is very muscular and powerful and often overly enthusiastic. We had a slight mishap today when Reese was chasing a tennis ball in the yard and rammed into the side of Popeye's cart, not only causing him to tip over but breaking a couple of the buckles on the cart in the process. Popeye was not phased and luckily we had some spare buckles so that the cart was soon back in action.

Last night was our last night with Jewel.

"Call me when that puppy is gone."

Today, we got Miko, the fearful dog that Robin has been fostering for the past few months.

Robin's done a great job with Miko, helping her to become comfortable in a home for most likely the first time in her life. She comes to stay with us for a while in the hopes that being part of our dog pack, alongside well-socialized dogs, will further her progress.

Here she is cuddled with Logan, Robin's own Formosan Mountain Dog.

A few last "ahhhh" pics of Jewel.

Having Jewel was great, but the world is filled with dogs with greater issues and greater needs. Over a dozen people have expressed interest in adopting Jewel and she won't have any problem finding a forever home. What I am able and willing to give to her a lot of other people are able and willing to give to her. She doesn't need me. Jewel is the kind of dog I would love to spend forever with--if there weren't so many other dogs that needed me more.


Wild Dingo said...

what breed is jewel? those eyes are as big as her head... and popeye and tug? its GOT to be an FMD thing. he and Loki would be forever friends, non stop tug... gosh i could just see it...who needs a human when you have a tug buddy? oh wait, the humans feed the qudrupeds...

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank woo fur the pupdates!

and yes, ahhhhhhhh was said here!


Sugar said...

Miko joins your pack! Very cool. Wow, you can tell that Robin has done a fabulous job with Miko. She looks comfortable and happy in the photos. It will be great to watch her grow and gain even more confidence. Can't wait to meet her!