Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Popeye Discovers the Crate

We generally crate-train every dog that stays with us because it usually makes for a happier dog (and human) in the long run. It's a safe way of confining them, and the dogs end up preferring to sleep in the crate, even when they don't have to because it has a den-like feel, which is comforting to them.

But we never made Popeye use a crate. When he still had his hind legs, I was afraid that because they stuck out so much, they would bang against the sides of the crate anytime he tried to shuffle. Also, in order to get into a crate, Popeye would have to lift himself about 2 inches over the bottom edge that protrudes up. I wasn't sure if that was "too much" for him, so we found other alternatives to crates to keep him safely confined when necessary.

There was the baby crib.

Baby stroller.

Which eventually was traded for a pet stroller.

A baby gate.

And a miniature exercise pen.

So Popeye may have seen every other dog use a crate on a daily basis, but he himself has never been made to.

Well, just a couple of hours ago, guess where I found him.

This is the crate beside my desk where I work all day (and night). Popeye has slept in front of it off and on many times but today was the very first time he actually went in. I didn't force him to or even encourage him, he just hoisted himself in. And the dog bed is actually higher than the bottom screen so he actually had to climb more than 2" to get on top.

Popeye, on his own, has discovered the comfort and security of the crate.


Wild Dingo said...

Damn that dog is cute. i hate it when FMD's show their cuteness. cuz they're so...well YOU know... CRACKER! (politically correct word i guess)...

good job on popeye. i don't use crates. i should. i know. i hate how they look in the house. i wasn't forward thinking enough on having a dog-only room with crates in it when we built our home. silly me.

i have crated juno in the beginning and Loki too. but both seem to hate them, so i don't crate unless we're at school and i need to crate one while i work the other. we use that collapsable wire one you have there.

i really "should" re-train them tho for the big move. sigh. Juno will be cold stone stoic, but Loki is gonna freak. sigh.

Nancy Bailey said...

Popeye you are the best and so very, very smart !

Sugar said...

Dude. FINALLY. Geez, some of us have already discovered the comfort and pleasures of crate-hood YEARS ago. You do realize that you have proven-- yet again-- that the FMD girl is far superior to the FMD boy, right? (and yes, Wild Dingo, I include gorgeous Retardo in my observations)
Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Good for Popeye! He is a sprited and surprising dog. How can you not love him?!?

Linda of Bo

havetailwillwag said...

popeye is soooooo awesome!!!