Thursday, November 18, 2010

Popeye's Rough Day

Hi. Popeye here.

What a rough day. First Foster Mum drove me 45 minutes for accupuncture. I am usually very tolerant about it but today I wouldn't let the vet touch me, which I've never done before. I snarled and bared my teeth, so she decided no accupuncture today.

Then Foster Mum decided to walk me in my cart around the neighborhood so the trip wouldn't be a complete waste. We had a nice walk. I was good. Everyone stared.

When we got back to the car, while Foster Mum was loading my cart, I saw a passerby and started barking and barking. All that barking resulted in me leaving a nice surprise for her in the backseat. Several nice surprises in fact. 2 kinds too--a wet kind and a smelly solid kind--who doesn't like variety? I'm a generous dude.

After Foster Mum cleaned it all up, I then proceeded to snarl and growl at her while she tried to put my seatbelt on. This is nothing new.

Eventually we were on our way back home, where of course we hit traffic.

Once we got home, 4 hours after we left, I was expressed and given a quickie bath. I watched Foster Mum make my bed ever so nicely. But she forgot to leave an extra blankie out for me, so I had to undo all her work in order to create a pile to nest in. When Foster Mum tried to fix some of the blankets under me so that if I had an accident it would not soak through the bed, I made a ruckus of more snarling and snapping. I don't like to be disturbed when I'm trying to get my beauty rest.

Finally all was settled and I was able to take a much deserved rest. There are days when I don't growl and snarl at all or at least not much, but today I did overtime with it. Grueling.

Now, 5PM, Foster Mum can begin what she calls "work" while I recuperate from my rough day. She has 2 hours until it's time to make me dinner.


Anonymous said...

Fret not,Popeye. Everyone gets the grumpies now and then. Prince Charming growls sometimes when it's time for bed. Don't let the grey days get to you, or your foster mom either!

Mauro said...

May I call SPCA?

Wild Dingo said...

how did i miss these posts?

ok, first popeye: everyone has a bad day. loki had some crackers a few days in a row at the barking doggies... and so he can relate.

not so sure all that work your foser mom does for you should be snarled about though!

and foster mom: ya, i can relate to starting my day at 5:00... damn dogs. ;)

chock it up to a down day i guess, huh?