Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We are busy busy bees right now, so here are some quick updates:

Sassy had her surgery to remove her spleen, which had a large tumor attached to it. The whole thing weighed almost 10 lbs! She is recovering nicely from the surgery now. The biopsy determined that the tumor wasn't quite cancer per se, but something called fibrohistiocytic nodules. The nodules range from benign (stage 1) to malignant (stage 2). Sassy has stage 2 and 3-5 chemotherapy sessions of doxorubicin intravenously administered are recommended to help minimize the risk that they become malignant in the future. Sassy's surgery cost over $2500 and the chemo will be extra. This is the main reason I am such a busy bee right now as I've taken on new work to help pay for this.

Pip survived getting snipped (ie. neutered) and has been adopted. He shares his new home with 2 boxers and a fellow 5lb chi.

Isis' brother, Otis is entered in the Bissell Pet Photo Contest. Every week, the 5 photos with the most votes advance to the finalist stage. After 13 weeks, a Bissell panel of judges will select the top winners among the finalists. Finalists and winners get a whole bunch of goodies, including spending money and Bissell products. The winning pet gets his/her photo on a Bissell package, and top winners get a grant to donate to their favorite charity.

Vote for Otis every day through Feb 1 at:

And maybe enter your own pet photo. Who wouldn't love to see their pet on the box of something?!


Mauro said...

Great news about Sassy!!! What a relief!!!

Pip, a tiny chi (a pleonasm), and two boxers... Who are the bosses? Hmmmm... Let me guess...

Andy I think only american or canadian residents can vote for Otis. :( :( :(

Wild Dingo said...

i'm a bit confused: it's cancer but not cancer? i re-read your other post and it says if it's cancer it buys a few months of time?

it sounds like it's ok, but they are taking precautions.

anyway, i hope it all works out for her. paws crossed for her and a new home!