Friday, March 27, 2009

A Visit with Isissy

I stole this recent picture from Isis' blog. She was what I consider to be our first harder-to-adopt foster dog, and even after 2 years since she was adopted, I am awed that she found the most perfect home in the whole wide world. Our little shy Iris is now Princess Isis.

When I think of Isis and how happy she is now, I always feel hope that the perfect family is out there for every dog no matter how seemingly hard to adopt they are. It's just a matter of giving the dogs time until their new families can find them.


Wild Dingo said...

I visited isis' blog the other day. its so awesome how she's blossomed. i love that her foot got fixed. that's the icing on the cake. tho she was just as beautiful before the surgery.

Isis said...

Thank you
Both Rob and I are so grateful everyday that we have Isis with us.