Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Memory of Revista

Posted on Facebook 4/20/2011:

MAJOR SENIOR ALERT! 17 1/2 Years old!!! DUMPED by Owners in a High Kill Shelter!!! (CARSON)
Blind, deaf, arthritic, old baby. :( Senior girl deserves to be on a nice warm doggie bed...not hard cement!

Her name is REVISTA! 17 1/2 Year old GSD Mix--already Spayed!
Dumped by her owners on 4/20!

This touched a lot of people, but one woman named Wendi stepped up. The following were updates posted by this kind woman:

4/21 @ 9:06 PM: This breaks my heart. I can't imagine?! I am in Los Angeles and can "pull her" if needed and help how I can please advise.

4/22 @ 8:41 AM: I am going to get her today around 1:00pm PLEASE advise shelter to hold her. Do you have a 501C3 that we can use??

4/22 @ 9:45 AM: Shelter knows I'm coming at 1pm to rescue! Giving her vaccinations now!

4/22 @ 1:27 PM: She is out and smiling! On way to vet.

4/22 @ 4:00 PM:
Very sad day. Unfortunately she was a very sick girl with a very bad internal infection. She would not have survived surgery and was in pain. I walked her in the grass, she sniffed and smiled...the vet came out to the grass, I held her cute little face in my hands, twirled her ears and held her tight. I had two wonderful friends there who were petting her also. She went peacefully without fear. Her last moments were surrounded with kindness and love....I'm pretty sad right now but know it was right thing to do. She is at peace.

I am in tears for the passing of Revista. For the fact that she had to know even a second of fear and uncertainty and discomfort after her owners dumped her at the shelter. And I am in tears for the compassion a woman named Wendi showed this dog. And for her loss. Wendi's act of kindness, especially in the face of the knowledge that Revista would not have much time left in this life (though it came as a shock to learn just how little she had), allowed a sweet dog to breathe her last breath shrouded in love.

** To help with Revista's medical costs, you can send a donation to Wendi at
puppylovela(at)aol.com through Paypal. Please note Revista.


Nancy Bailey said...

Breaks my heart :-(