Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Start of Recovery

I picked up Bandit from the hospital yesterday morning. He came out with the vet tech calm as you please. The vet tech engaged me in conversation and told me that even when Bandit was in pain, he was as sweet as could be. I can't honestly say that Bandit was particularly happy to see me--he's always pretty much happy to see anyone and always ready to give soft licks. He had plenty for the man waiting in the lobby, who petted and petted him while I completed the paperwork.

I received a copy of the new x-rays which show the rejoining of the 2 split ends of the bone, held together by a long and permanent steel plate.

Bandit has 19 staples in his leg holding his incision together. It's a bit graphic so I'm minimizing the picture for those faint of heart--like me. (You can click on the picture to make it bigger.)

Here are the post-operative instructions the vet provided me with.

I'd say the worst part of it is the Elizabethan (cone) collar he has to wear. Bandit doesn't mind, but it drives me crazy. Although he does look quite adorable in it.

From every angle.

Bandit's surgery bill came out to $4,093.

A very very big thank you to those who have donated. We also received a $200 grant from United Animal Nations (who, amazingly, processed my application in less than 24 hours!). So far, we've received a total of $905 towards Bandit's surgery. Thank you! A super big thank you also to Jen & Rob (they adopted Isis aka Iris from me last year) for dogsitting Bandit today so that I could catch up a bit on work.