Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kelly is now Whispy Cream Donut

Do you remember Kelly?

Rescued by the Animal Rescue Team in Taiwan, she was nursed back to health.

Even a damaged rear leg couldn't keep her down.

I'm happy to report that Kelly now has a forever home. Lisa from The Rescue Train, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles took her in to foster. After 2 weeks, Lisa decided that Kelly was meant to stay. Lisa had recently lost her dear companion, Libby, and her other dog Ty (also from Taiwan) was very sad and nervous. Kelly, now Whisper, was the first dog Ty played with since Libby left.

A note from Lisa:

Whisp is so LOVEABLE & joyful! She’s a great little dog. It is so wonderful of you to care about her.

I run The Rescue Train in Los Angeles and we have such a heartbreaking pet overpopulation here our city we mostly focus on local dogs. However I met Maggie and Joseph a few years ago when I personally took a dog from them. I have so much admiration for their work and want to encourage and support them.

What amazes me about dogs is their resilience. After all she has endured Whisper has a such a playful happy go lucky soul. She thinks she’s in Disneyland. The first day we had her she took every toy out of the toy box and put them in her crate. She makes us all laugh and smile.

She is facing an extensive eye surgery next month. She’s is blind in her left eye from an injury. It’s formed a cataract and the eye is very damaged. We won’t know if she’ll be able to keep her eye until the surgery begins. The surgery isn’t urgent at the moment as her pressure is down and her daily medications should help keep it that way but in the big picture I can tell she’s not comfortable and there are looming problems for that eye. The good news is that her leg doesn’t require any further surgery. Poor girl… she had a crushed knee and her pelvis was broken in two places. Once again that’s where the resilience comes in. Even though she’s got a funny leg it doesn’t slow her down. I can’t believe how agile she is all things considered.

It took her brothers Ty (also from Taiwan) and Jack a few weeks to get comfortable with her. Her leg causes her to hop and I think that scared them at first. Now they are all getting along famously and she gets the boys playing.

Of course you can post her happy ending. People say “it’s so nice of you to give her a better life” but reality is that she is so easy to love. She’s the one making my life so much richer. I’m so happy she’s here and I can’t imagine life without her. I call her my “Whispy Cream Donut”. I’m not sure what photos Maggie has sent you but I’m attaching a few of my favorites.

Added Note: All donations that were collected on behalf of Kelly/Whisper will be sent to The Rescue Train.


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy news!

Chaoder said...

Brings tears of happiness to my eyes ;) So happy for Whispy! So true that dogs are resilient and make our lives a better life.

Wild Dingo said...

OMDawgs...what a great ending. so happy. whispy is a great name for her. what amazes me about the first pix are the people fishing going on about their business. likely they saw her. i'm so sorry for her eye surgery...she's got enough to deal with already. I hope it goes well for her. best doggie vibes for her from wild dingo.
wild dingo

Sugar said...

Woo hoo! Wonderful news! What an endearing, beautiful spirit.

Sam said...

What a beautiful transformation. I'm speechless. Such a beautiful dog and a great group of people around her..

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Wow, that really just makes my day. Thanks for sharing the story. It's a good reminder that there is still a lot of good out there.

Linda of Bo

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


This makes my mom all leaky!


Anonymous said...

Broke my heart when I saw the first pictures. I sent the money I could to help her. But she got what she needed most. You.