Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Single Ladies

This post has nothing to do with pets. It's just something that's given me hours of entertainment.

I don't listen to the radio much or watch much TV, which means I'm very out of tuned with pop culture. So the very first time I heard this song or saw these dance moves was about 2 weeks ago, when we were catching up on old episodes of Glee.

Kurt is the lead dancer in that scene. Later in the episode, he teaches the high school football team that dance. **SPOILER, though seriously, if you haven't seen this by now, you probably don't care**

Glee Football Dance (single Ladies) HQ Full Video - Watch more funny videos here

And then I caught part of the Top 40 Videos of 2009 on VH1 last week and lo and behold, saw the original video that started the whole Single Ladies mania.

So that's what Kanye West was talking about. He had a point.

And the icing on top, this SNL parody with Justin Timberlake showing off his very impressive dancing background.


Sugar said...

LOL, I had not seen the Justin Timberlake/SNL version-- funny! It's no secret that I adore Glee. Go Kurt! It's the only show I consistently watched this season...CL (while Sugar rolls her eyes in disgust)