Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chilly is One Cool Dog

This past weekend, a dog named Chilly and her foster human came for a visit. I have pics, which I am currently too busy/lazy to post but will soon.

Chilly is listed as a pit mix, but really, I saw nothing of a pit in her. She is much too calm. She doesn't go bonkers over people like pits generally do, with wagging butts, swooshing tails that will nail anyone who gets in their way. And her body structure isn't quite pit either. She resembles more of a boxer mix to me. But this is all technicality.

Regardless of her mix, Chilly is an awesome dog. And her foster human ain't so bad either.

Check out Chilly's Corner: http://chillythepitbull.blogspot.com/. She is seriously an awesome dog, even serving as an ambassador dog for the SPCA's summer kids program. Let's hope she finds her forever home soon!