Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sassy, 11-Yr Old Lab Mix, Needs a Home

Every day I get emails from various shelters and rescues with lists of dogs that need to be saved. The numbers are endless. For every one you save, it seems like 10 more take their place.

Today I received an email from Lake County Shelter, a shelter that is always always overcrowded. They are far from any urban areas so relative to the number of animals they get, there are very few adopters. They always have wonderful dogs that have been overlooked. We have rescued a few from them in the past couple of years. Our only requirement has been that they not be aggressive towards people, dogs, and depending on the fosterer, cats. And every time the shelter has matched us with dogs that have been nothing short of wonderful.

Sassy is 11 years old, she was surrendered to the Lake County Shelter due to a divorce. She is good with other dogs, no reaction to cats and has low energy. She was tested for heartworm and sadly came up positive. We have had a few donations come in for her, and yesterday a wonderful woman called the vet and donated the majority and remaining money to treat her. She is going to the vet for her first injection today and again tomorrow. We are looking for a rescue so she can be fostered outside of the shelter. She sleeps on her bed all day, and has a depressed look on her face. It is so hard on these senior dogs to be turned into the shelter after a life with a family. She is a Lab mix and is spayed. Please let us know if you can help her.

Every dog's story is a sad one, else they wouldn't have ended up in a shelter. But there is an even deeper element of sorrow when the dog is an older one. Look at Sassy's eyes. She actually reminds me quite a bit of our dog, Boomer.

If anybody is interested in fostering or adopting Sassy, please email us at dogs (at) walkinthebark.org or contact Marnette at Lake County Shelter at TheMeaneys (at) comcast.net. Walkin' the Bark Rescue would be more than happy to sponsor Sassy (since she is heartworm positive, she cannot be adopted directly from the shelter--she would need a rescue to sponsor her), and we can work with you regarding transport, supplies, and anything else you may need.

BTW, heartworm is not transmitted directly from animal to animal. It is transmitted only by the bite of an infected mosquito, so there isn't any risk that Sassy's heartworm is contagious.


Judy H Wong said...

Those have to be the saddest pair of eyes I have seen in a while.

"Sleeping all day..." kind of remind me of my Tinkerbell when I first took her off the street.

Poor gal. Must be so confused--being displaced/dis-homed after 11 years :(