Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Full Day

We humans had a very full day yesterday. While on our way to visit my parents in Oakland, we made a couple of detours.

First, we dropped Buddy off with his new foster family. Thanks to Linda, Kevin, and Bo for welcoming him. We had such a great experience knowing him for a few days, we feel very lucky!

Then, we headed off to Castro Valley to visit Sassy. Remember Sassy? The 11-year old boxer/lab that was dumped at the ever-overcrowded Lake County shelter after a divorce? She had the saddest eyes ever.

Thankfully, a wonderful woman named Wendy took her in to foster, and Sassy is so much happier. Sassy is very much like Buddy. Super mellow, good with everybody including dogs and cats, well-behaved, housetrained, and really all she wants is to hang out with her human(s).

Side note: Doesn't Sassy's little foster sister, Lucy, look like a miniature of Buddy's foster brother, Bo?