Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Visit with Seven

Seven, Robin's foster dog, was adopted about 4 months ago. This past weekend, we went to visit him at his home in Santa Cruz.


Wild Dingo said...

wow. he's very unhappy there. I can see he's being tortured! ;)

he looks amazing and so relaxed. nice to see that.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm not sure that tail khan wag any faster!!!


CamiKay said...

my SEVIE!!!!!
You have no idea how much good this video did my heart! He loves you so much! He looks so happy! Thank you for helping him, he had a rough go of it.
I tried to show the video to his old foster brother and sister (Romulus and Dresden) but they didn't give me much of a reaction ;) Guess they're too busy with their new foster sis!

CamiKay said...

Aghhhhhhh! I just watched it again! He's so handsome!!!!! His new mama is doing such a good job with him, he looks so healthy and happy!