Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pitbull Puppies

Here's a video of a bunch of cute pitbull puppies, available for adoption at Best Friends Sanctuary. (Thanks Linda.)

Here's a video of Phoebe, our own pitbull pup (who's actually 6 years old now), watching the video of pit pups.

And here's a video of Phoebe playing with a trio of pit pups.

And of course Phoebe when she was truly a pit pup herself. (We adopted her from Paw Printz Pitbull Rescue when she was 8 months old and have been counting our lucky stars since.)


Anonymous said...

This post made me smile - I loved all of the videos and the photos of a Phoebe as a pup. She is such a gem!

Linda of Bo

Wild Dingo said...

Oh My GAWD... how did they get all those pups in one spot and moving their heads in the same direction? priceless! they are cute. i can understand the fascination and attraction with pits. they're just darlin!