Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pip & Sugar

Crazy Lady was kind enough to offer to foster Pip for a while. Her dog, Sugar, was one of our foster dogs about 3 years ago. Sugar is somewhat of an alpha but she is super playful. Her play mannerisms are more assertive than usual and that sometimes causes new dogs to react to her in unexpected ways.

A big thank you to Crazy Lady and Sugar for offering to take care of Pip. Our dogs had enough of him.


Wild Dingo said...

something tells me Pip will calm down. it will take a while. a long while, but he will. it's gotta be hard.

Loki was nutty night and day when we got him. the energy from him was endless. i couldn't even sleep through the night sometimes cuz he'd get up and "need to tug" or play.

i think lots of anxiety gets redirected in physical forms such as lots of play. almost obsessive play. but once there is structure in the dog's life, they calm down. it takes a LONG time tho and i'm so sure you know that.

i kind of hope Pip stays with CL and Sugar. I think they are a great match. and i wholeheartedly believe he will calm. this from loki's mom who would get up at the crack of dawn just to tug with him to relieve anxiety/stress now he sleeps LONGER the morning then her!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Yes Sugar!

I'll khross my paws fur Pip and woo and The Special Khrazy Lady!

Thanks fur the smiles!

Khyra and Her KL

Mauro said...

Out of topic ==> Just read you won The Shelter Fan Photo Contest !!! YAY !!!!

fosterdogblog said...

Thanks Mauro! I know you helped us get us there.

@ WD: Pip is pretty calm already. It'll probably just take him a couple of days to get used to Sugar. He's an easy dog.