Friday, August 22, 2008

The Odd Couple

Bandit and Popeye are in many ways a very unlikely couple. Their temperaments are vastly different, with Bandit being very happy-go-lucky, even oblivious, while Popeye is tenacious and sometimes ferocious in his 13lb puppy way. Yet they have turned out to be a very good match, with their puppy playfulness a common bond.

Our own 2 dogs, Boomer & Phoebe, do not interact a great deal with Bandit because we don't want him to get too excited since he's still recovering from surgery. Popeye is the perfect playmate for him during this period because they can wrestle and tug and do just a tiny bit of chasing without Bandit over-exerting himself. And Bandit, ever good-natured, has helped Popeye to let his guard down and simply be a little puppy.