Monday, August 11, 2008

How 'Bout a Game of Tug?

Has it really only been 11 days since I got Popeye? I feel like I've gone through more in those 11 days than I usually do in 11 months. There is much to share, but we'll see how long I can sit here typing before duty calls again.

How about we start with some pictures? I had mentioned before that Popeye exhibited pretty bad resource guarding with both his food and toys, particularly towards other dogs. Particularly towards Bandit, since Bandit's the only dog here who wants anything to do with Popeye at the moment. Popeye used to do some major snapping and snarling if Bandit even came close to Popeye & his toy. Just look at what a difference a few days makes.

Now Popeye loves to play tug with Bandit. They're great buddies now, always wanting to play with each other. Not surprising considering Bandit loves just about any dog, and Popeye still has his innate puppy drive to play.