Monday, August 11, 2008

A Very Sweet Dog -- 85% of the Time

The major behavioral baggage that Popeye came with is some resource guarding in regards to food. He's already gotten better about it, and I think that once he realizes that food will come regularly, he'll be even better. He does not like to have his front legs held either, but I continually touch and hold them so he's getting better about this as well.

In every other way, Popeye is a great little dog. He rides so well in the car, always sitting quietly, although I have to remember to get him a cushion so that he's high enough to look out the window.

We go on walks, with me holding up his hind end with a sling, and he likes to sniff everything. He's extremely curious. We don't usually get too far because he's always stopping to smell things--a bush, every single leaf on it, a mailbox, mostly just the air. I can see his little nose twitching like crazy as he catches a whiff of this or that.

Popeye loves to snuggle once he gets to know you. He often hops over to me to rest his head on my lap. Sometimes I let him sleep on my lap as I work on the computer. (He's laying on my lap in these pictures.)

And of course he loves to wrestle with Bandit.

In most ways, he's your typical puppy. I'd like to keep him as socialized as possible, so if anyone would like to meet up with him, please feel free to drop me an email.