Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Donna Holsten, Pet Detective at Finding Paws about some people who were looking to borrow my live animal trap.

Quick history: While Isis was missing somewhere in Golden Gate Park over 2 years ago, the group of volunteers who was helping me find her talked about setting up a live animal trap to try to catch her. Nobody had one, and the logistics of setting one up in GGP were difficult anyway.

A year later, a different dog under the care of another rescue ran away after getting spooked. I helped look for her and decided a live animal trap would be useful to have so I bought one. Just days after 2 traps were set out, the dog was caught in my trap. I called it The Lucky Trap after that.

Since getting Popeye though, I've been using it as an expressing station since it's the perfect height and size for me, and also it was just taking up some much-needed space in the garage. But after hearing from Donna Holsten, I knew it was time to turn it back into The Lucky Trap.


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Date: 2009-03-03, 4:09PM PST

Someone dumped a blue merle dog border collie type about a month or so ago in the Meadows Dr/ Catalina Circle area in Vallejo. This poor dog is still running loose out here, only now s/he is limping, starving, cold and has no food and no place to get out of the rain.

Animal control has been trying to catch him/ her, but this dog is so spooked s/he runs from everyone. Kids and teens throw rock and yell at her so now she is terrified of people. A 1940's hotrod without a hood, painted bright purple was seen on the street right before the dog was first spotted. I don't know if they are the jerks that dumped the dog or not. Whoever is responsible for this poor animal deserves to be treated exactly as they have treated him or her.


The above was posted by Karen, a very caring lady who made it her responsibility to look out for this elusive dog that they came to call Gypsy. Karen and her neighbor, Bill, watched for Gypsy every night and left food out there in the meadows for her.

This past Monday, they came by to pick up the trap from me. Today, just 2 days later, Gypsy was captured on the very first attempt.

I don't know what the plan for Gypsy is but she is safe now, and I am sure already loved. Thank you to the all the people who cared enough about a dog they didn't even know to save her when the people who should have cared for her the most, her family, callously threw her away.


Sugar said...

Wow, how wonderful that Gypsy was captured and she's on her way to finding a safe, loving, forever home. Karma will take care of the fools who dumped her...Karen

Wild Dingo said...

yes. good for gypsy. thank you WTBR!