Sunday, March 29, 2009

Introducing Pa Pi, the Oinking Chihuahua

I received an email from a young woman who had rescued Pa Pi from being surrendered to the animal shelter when his elderly owners passed away. Pa Pi was said to be about 10 years old and the young woman worried that because of his age, he might have been deemed to old to adopt out. But she couldn't keep him herself because her bigger dogs didn't like Pa Pi following them around everywhere trying to sniff their butts, so she asked if I could help find him a home.

Usually when I get requests like that, I'm not in a position to do more than put them up on Petfinder and forward the information to other rescues. With foster dogs of my own, unless the timing is just right, I don't have room for more dogs. The timing just happened to be right though for another fosterer. Robin in Sacramento, who had fostered Jasmine and Arlo and a number of other dogs, was between fosters so she kindly offered to take Pa Pi in.

So I met him at the dog park in Pleasant Hill, brought him back home so I could do a quick diapy change for Popeye, and then headed out to Sacramento. I'm generally not crazy about itty bitty dogs and don't bond to them as immediately as I usually do to bigger dogs, but for a chihuahua, Pa Pi is a pretty likable fellow. He's not a yapper, not a nipper, and not high-strung in the least. He's very rotund and makes oinking sounds, so he might be mixed with piglet. Calmly accepting of almost everything, even the vacuum, Pa Pi is a super duper mellow dog.

(Yes, I do like to dress up dogs, but no, I'm not the one who subjected him to the hat fashion show.)

BTW, Robin has a Taiwan dog herself. His name is Logan and while he has the long legs, straight upright ears, spotted tongue, and lean lanky body characteristic of many Formosan Mountain Dogs, he is the most feral, pharoah, stunning looking one I've ever seen so far.