Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Boomer gets kind of left out of my writings a lot. He's not the attention hog that Phoebe is. So this entry is all about Boomer, our #1 dog.

Boomer came to us the day after my 2nd german shepherd, Jasper, died. I had dreamed of fostering for years but with the GSDs, it wasn't really feasible. So when Jassy died (Sammy had crossed the bridge 6 months earlier), I emailed a local acquaintance who I knew was lightly involved with rescue and told her if she ever needed a fosterer to let me know.

The next day, she called me and said she was coming over with a dog named Fritz.

I wasn't really expecting to have another dog in the house so soon, but having a new dog around gave my life a new purpose and prevented me from just moping and dwelling on my loss of Jassy & Sammy. Plus, the presence of another dog in so many ways kept the spirit of Jassy & Sammy alive.

Fritz became Boomer, which he responded to right away. A month into having him, it was Tyler who made the statement that Boomer was here to stay.


Sugar said...

BOOMER! We miss you! Awesome pics, except he should never EVER wear a wig. Pimpin' in purple? Awesome.

Wild Dingo said...

I like his face! what kind of dog/breed is he?