Sunday, April 19, 2009

Doggie Fashion

I have no shame when it comes to pimpin' my dogs out in style.

Junebug (from Lake County shelter -- Tyler's all-time favorite foster dog!)

Phoebe, our resident attention whore (BTW, this "wig" is really a huge gigantic dog rope toy.)


Prince (from Taiwan)

Meilin (from Taiwan)

Charlie (from Hurricane Katrina)

Mario (from Taiwan)

Kiki (from Hurricane Katrina)

Cupcake (another pit favorite!)



Nacho (from Mexico) & Ihna (from Taiwan)


Abigail (from Taiwan)


Junebug again

So many outfits, so little time.

P.S. To reply to Wild Dingo's question, Boomer's a boxer mix. If you stand him next to a purebred boxer, you will see an amazing resemblance in everything other than shape (white streak down forehead, white paws, white chest, stub tail, long jowls). The other parts of him, who knows, guesses have been rhodesian ridgeback, german shepherd, australian shepherd.


Wild Dingo said...

oh my! i LUVS these pix. i have one coming soon to Wild Dingo (dress up shot)...but I cannot reveal it just yet. MUST perfect the shot... Loki and Juno have been working all weekend posing for the camera. Juno's been complaining about the lack of star treatment but Loki is all "There's a camera? let me flex my manly muscles..."