Thursday, April 30, 2009

Triumph's Amputation

Triumph the husky, the first dog ever to have permanently implanted prosthetic legs, has undergone amputation on her remaining implant leg. She is now a double-amputee, just like Popeye. In a brief email to her mom, Moe, I asked where on the leg the amputation was done, since that had been such a major concern of mine before making the decision of Popeye. Moe said that Triumph doesn't have any stumps, that they took the entire leg off. I didn't ask yet since I know Moe must have her hands full right now, but I wonder if that was because the infection from the implant had set in to the remainder of the leg.

Triumph also has an Eddie's Wheels, which Moe has sent back for adjustments. What the adjustments are I have no idea. But Leslie, the co-owner of Eddie's Wheels, had stressed to me the difficulty that a double-amputee dog without stumps would have manuevering in the cart, which is about the only reason I left stumps on Popeye. So it will be interesting to see how Triumph does in her cart now that both her legs are gone.

I'll be following Triumph's progress closely, one of the reasons being that in the worst case scenario, Popeye may have to have his stumps removed as well. It's still early days and he hasn't been allowed to move as freely as he normally would, so it's still unclear how much wear and tear his stumps will have in the long-term.

Meeting Moe online (was it just a few weeks ago?) and speaking with her over the phone was like a salve to ease my mind. Good luck, Moe. Good luck, Triumph.

You can read the latest about Triumph here: