Saturday, May 9, 2009

Healthy Treats

Popeye here. Last night Foster Mum made some yummy fruit & veggie treats. She likes to make treats for us herself since she doesn't trust most of what they sell in the stores.

All she used were bananas, apples, and zucchinis.

6 bananas, 6 apples, and 6 zucchinis. All she did was slice them, then put them on trays. Then she brought it all out to the garage and left it there overnight. That's when the treat fairy comes, when everybody is sleeping. The treat fairy's name is Dehydrator. I know cuz I heard Foster Mum say, "Bring the Dehydrator. The dogs need more treats."

Apparently, there's also a fairy named Oven that'll turn everything into treats too, but he'll only do it if the temperature is about 135 degrees. If it's too much hotter than that, he'll get mad and burn the goodies. So don't make him mad unless you want charcoal for treats.

Anyway, when we woke up this morning, Dehydrator fairy had worked her magic.

Foster Mum likes these treats because she says they're healthy so she doesn't feel guilty about giving us lots, they're easy to pack and won't leave a mess if she stuffs a bunch of them in her pocket, they're cheap, won't spoil, and are perfectly sized for training.

I say, who cares, give us some!


Sugar said...

Sugar says, "Crazy lady would love to munch on these treats. She thinks they look wonderful! Me? Not so much. I'll eat the occasional carrot, but I don't like fruits and most veggies. I spit them out and leave them as soggy treats on crazy lady's bed."

Angelus said...

I'm very happy to see that Popeye is doing better now, after finally getting the bandage out of his body. ¿How's his stump doing?

Wild Dingo said...

Juno says, "My mom doesn't feed me enough treats anymore cuz she says I have cankles!" Hmfph! I am voluptous. And, I am polite and will eat anything you give to me. Maybe she will make these for me since I love apples!"

Loki says, "not so crazy about the veggies, but maybe i'd eat them if they had some beef on them..."

Isis said...

I love the dried food you make! MMmmmmm