Friday, May 8, 2009

The Reappearing Bandage

Look what Popeye chucked up during our walk (he was in the stroller).

There it is, on the left. The elusive bandage, down to its red dotted line.

Of course when it was swallowed, it was flat and folded, but I guess Popeye's system rolled it up like a little banana. Or a big piece of shit. It's incredible to think that this was sitting in his stomach the whole week.

Where hydrogen peroxide and apromorphine (along with a $200 trip to the ER) failed, cat hairball lube and grass saves the day. Dr. Sams, Popeye's orthopedic surgeon, was the only vet who recommended trying hairball lube. It's like petroleum jelly and just slicks everything up. Now that I've seen what it can do, I think everyone dog guardian should have a tube handy.

And yes, I did go home, grab the camera, walk back to the vomit, and take a picture.

Plus, it was Boomer's turn for a walk. So here are some pics of Boomie.


Isis said...

That is just awesome! The mystery is solved.

Sugar said...

Hallelujah! Amazing. Can't believe how BIG it looks! I knew about grass, but didn't even think that hairball lube would work on a dog. Makes perfect sense, though...congratulations!

GiGwriter said...

Thank God. Popeye must feel sooo good. :)

Wild Dingo said...

AWESOME! what a great idea! i'll have to get some. i can't believe it was in his stomach. i wonder if it would have ever digested. probably it would have caused some sort of blockage. perfect!
thank you universe and spirit...for sending the answer to Popeye's foster mom!