Monday, May 11, 2009

Popeye's First Walk as a Bipod

One thing I can say emphatically is that it is a hundred times easier putting Popeye in his cart without those hind legs!!

Can you read what his collar says?

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Nancy Bailey said...

Popeye looks so happy. He looks like he is smiling in his photos. What a great foster mum to care so much for Popeye. I bet you are both relieved to have those staples out. Congratulations.

Sugar said...

The picture with his eyes closed, basking in the sunlight, is beautiful. His expression of pure joy reminds me of Sugar, when she sunbathes on her window ledge. Popeye looks so content! How's the swelling with his stump?

Wild Dingo said...

awesome. but how's he doing? did he enjoy his wheels and walk? is he adjusting? silly question but i'd love to know how he's behaving and if he acts happy. i guess he can't miss what he never really felt?

fosterdogblog said...

The swelling's gone down but still there. The surgeon said his body will reabsorb the rest of the liquid, though the more active he is, the longer it will take. (He was on complete bedrest for almost 2 weeks already).

Popeye doesn't seem to notice his missing legs at all, except in the sense that he can now move a lot easier, without twisting his body.