Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Popeye's New Pet Stroller

Finally got a real pet stroller for Popeye. It's built very similarly to a baby stroller, except there is a basket which sits flat rather than an angled seat. The angled seating was a bit of a problem for Popeye. Since he tends to sit with the weight of his body on his front legs, any quick stops cause his butt to fly up in the air and even out of the stroller. With the flat basket of the pet stroller, this butt flying up is less of a problem and if it does happen, I don't have to worry about Popeye falling out of the stroller. He seems to be more comfortable in the basket too.

Plus, the pet stroller is rather cheaply made compared to the baby stroller (and is reflected in the price I paid). I say that as a good thing b/c it fits my small size a lot better. The handle is a lot lower and the frame a lot lighter which makes it easier to pack in the car. I can imagine the handle would be way too low for a tall person like Tyler though. It's compact and easy to navigate around the house.

Locking rear wheels, a storage basket underneath (it's too close to the main basket though which makes it a bit hard to access), 2 cup holders and a nifty center compartment convenient for treats. There's a retractable hood, similar to what you'd find with a baby stroller. The main basket cover extends way up and can be zipped close over the dog's head to act like a crate. It would have been cool if the basket was removable so it could be transferred into a car like a pet seat.

After ordering it online, I admit I regretted it, thinking it wasn't something I really needed since the baby strollers I have work well enough. But now that I see it in person and have tried it out, I think it's well worth the $50 I paid for it (brand new too!).

And maybe now I'll stop getting comments like, "Is that your baby?"


Sugar said...

Go Speed Racer, go!

Judy W. said...

You paid $50 for that! WOW! You are good at shopping! I paid over $130 for a pet stroller a few years ago and it was only as half decent as yours.

nancy Bailey said...

Popeye, I like your new wheels! What a loving foster mum to get them for you.