Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fan Mail

Hi, Popeye and foster family! My name is Gina and I am a foster mom, too. I just had to tell you how inspiring I find your blog to be. I especially love the video that you posted on Aug. 22 and have watched it numerous times. The love, time and effort that you put into your dogs is incredible and I commend you for it. Each and every one of the dogs who has passed through your home or remained in it is truly blessed for the experience.

My husband and I also have a handicapped dog; Jasper is 3-legged but many people don't even notice now and we think that is just great. He is often at the front of the pack and really doesn't waste time worrying about what he can't do. He was at the shelter almost 6 yrs. ago; he had been hurt somehow but still had his leg. The nerves were already dead, though, and he just drug his leg along, often tripping himself over it and banging it up daily. The amputation was the best thing for him and he hasn't looked back. We started out as his foster parents but officially adopted him about five years ago now.

Currently, we are fostering a little pup who was found paralyzed in the rear but, with crate rest and prednisone, has regained most of the use of her back legs. She still drags her right rear leg a bit and is noticeably weak in the back but is doing very well, all things considered.

Anyhow, thank you for putting all that great stuff out there for people like us to refer to and find strength in! Popeye is a great inspiration and so are you!


Anonymous said...

Without sounding too crass (I hope), ditto for me with regard to the last two sentences!

Linda of Bo