Thursday, October 14, 2010

Emily's Adoption Ad

"Lab mix female. 10 mos. old. The sweetest dog even though she is badly injured. A/C sent to private vet who said she has a broken pelvis and broken leg. Needs FHO and pin in leg. Vet will do surgery on both for $1200.00. MUST HAVE RESCUE OR FINANCIAL COMMITMENT BY MONDAY OR A/C WILL PICK UP AND EUTHANIZE. Vet staff are in tears over this one as she is such a sweet dog....."

That was the email we received about the dog that would later be known as Emily. We weren't in a position at the time to take in another dog, but we vowed to help in some way. With just those 2 pictures and the few words from a shelter worker, in less than 2 weeks we managed, through networking and fundraising, to raise all the funds needed for her double surgery. People from all over the country came together to help this nondescript black dog that none of us had ever met.

Our rescue was eventually able to bring Emily into foster care, where she lives with another dog, several cats, and an unexpected visitor in the form of a kitten only a few weeks old.

Emily truly is one of the sweetest dogs you'll meet. She is very well socialized and loves all people, especially children, and dogs and cats. She thinks people exist to give her attention and her best friend was Cosmo, the little kitten, until he himself was adopted. She is also great with other dogs, playful and submissive.

Emily is about a year old and approx 35 lbs. We're not sure what her exact mix of breed is but she definitely has a herding streak. She sometimes tries to herd the resident dog, her fosterer, and even the cats. But she is always gentle about it.

Emily had FHO surgery on her hip and a pin inserted in her front leg. She will probably never have full use of her front leg, but is still able to move around and play using mostly her 3 other legs. Probably ideally, a home without a long flight of stairs would be best, though she may be able to navigate them when the occasion calls for it. She is able to use the doggie door without any problems and otherwise gets along just fine. No additional medical care is needed, though it's always helpful to just be aware of any potential changes that may occur over the years.

Emily is crate trained and housetrained, though she may need a refresher course in a new environment. She's spayed, microchipped, heartworm tested negative, and current on shots.

If you're looking for a sweetheart of a dog, one that loves people and gets along with other pets, Emily is it. She is mild-tempered, well-socialized, playful, and happy. Due to her young age and willingness to please, we recommend at least basic training so that she develops into a model canine citizen.

Emily is currently being fostered in SACRAMENTO. If you are interested in meeting her, please send an email to request an adoption application which will be reviewed prior to scheduling a play date. There is a $200 tax-deductible adoption fee which helps to cover a portion of each dog's medical cost.

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Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a stunning girl!

Paws khrossed she gets to herd on home soon!