Sunday, October 17, 2010

Prince Charming the Special Needs Shih Tzu

We went to visit a lovely couple who is fostering a Shih Tzu named Prince Charming. Prince was left in the overnight drop box at a local shelter. Because he has issues with his hind legs, he was scheduled to be put down but one of the volunteers stepped in and rescued him.

Prince is about 7 years old and get along with everyone, human and canine alike. Like most Shih Tzus, he's a complete cuddle bug and loves his belly rubs.

Prince appears to have suffered some neurological damage resulting in his hind legs walking in a drunken gait. He's actually improved since he went into foster care 2 months ago, and as you can see, he can still get around and take pleasure in the simplicities of life.

If anyone would be interested in adopting him, drop a note.


Wild Dingo said...

sigh. these (and the lhasa's) are my fav's of all small doggies. i loves shih tzus. and he's just a charmer! I had a toy poodle with similar back leg issues in his late ages, and he did just fine hobbling around. it saddens me how fast people give up. i sure hope he gets a home.

Vanessa said...

He looks like the sweetest dog. Is he still looking for a home?

fosterdogblog said...

Yes, he still needs a forever home. You can read his adoption bio here: