Thursday, October 28, 2010

Green Smoothies

I'm anal about what the dogs eat. Ever since switching over to raw feeding back in the late 90's, I've spent hours and hours every month on the dogs' food, from grinding their raw meaty bones to blending their veggies, from researching what supplements to try to driving long distances to pick up enough locally raised meats to fit their own freezer. I'm like a dictator when it comes to what the dogs eat.

But I myself still eat like a college student. I rarely cook and rely mostly on eating out and mooching off what other people make. And I hate veggies. So often I've seen veggies on a dish and thought to myself, "It's great being an adult. There's nobody to make me eat my veggies." Seriously, that rocks.

As I get older though and as age and my conscience catch up with me, I'm feeling more compelled to eat healthier. Not healthy per se, that would just take too much effort, just healthier.

Somebody recently told me about green smoothies. These are smoothies made of fruits and green leafy vegetables. Everybody knows the huge benefits of eating greens. But I hate greens and so rarely do. The purpose of green smoothies is to get you to eat tons of raw greens and actually enjoy it. So you take a bit of greens, add some fruits to mask the flavor, and blend together. Blending not only allows you to drown out the taste of the greens, but it also breaks down the cellulose walls of the produce making it much easier for your body to digest. And since you're blending rather than juicing, you're utilizing the fiber as well.

This is an entertaining video I came across that explains the benefits of green smoothies.

Blending veggies is not new to me. I do it all the time for the dogs. Because of the cellulose lining, dogs can't digest whole veggies. So you have to break them down first, either by blending, grinding, processing, or some other method.

Here are some veggies I blended recently for the dogs.

I always look like a health nut when I go grocery shopping for the dogs, buying a cart full of veggies for them. Considering how I eat, that's very amusing to me.

Here's what the veggies look like after they've been blended.

Although I hate veggies, I absolutely love fruit, so when I learned about green smoothies, I decided to give it a try. I got The Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko, which is a basic starter book with tons of recipes.

Today I tried the first recipe:

1 mango (with skin)
1 cup kale (I just used a couple of leaves)
1 cup water

The mango I got had almost no flavor so I also added a banana.

It wasn't very sweet, which I was ok with, but the great thing was that the banana completely masked the smell and flavor of the kale. Finally, there is a way for me to eat my greens without making a face.

In the book, Victoria also explains dogs like green smoothies too, so you can share some with them. Our dogs like to lick the glass clean.

I always knew it was just a matter of time before the dogs inspired me to eat as healthy as they do.


Wild Dingo said...

OMG, seriously THANKS for posting this. seriously. on 2 levels. dogs and humans.

i personally LOVE leafy greens and eat them almost every day. fruit? not as much, but i love them in smoothies. so i could easily make my fruit taste better with greens! crazy huh? (i find fruit can be too citrus for me, or it's so fiberous its gassy.)

also for DOGS, i've been having wicked problems on how to feed the veggies. all the books say "food processor" but i never understand how food processors work. they NEVER cut things small enough for me and they never cut easily. but i've always LOVED blenders. so mr. wild dingo went out and got a food processor here and i hate it BUT we can buy a blender top for it instead... so that's what i'm going to do now and do THAT for the dogs instead of the processing.

btw: i think i figured loki's itch. i think it's the Quiona in the honest kitchen. i stopped feeding it and his itch went away by 95%. i'm trying to "finish up' now and he's itching again. and juno doesn't like to eat it. so i think it's that. both dogs eat all other good grains (brown rice) and raw meat/veggies. so it think both dogs don't do well with the Thrive. too bad, i have a whole other box downstairs. i'll probably try to sell it!

also, i found this awesome powdered mix for dog food, it's compressed way down spinach,celery and some other veggies and powdered through dehydration or some other method, that i add in now while i'm still working on how to mash down veggies myself. it's really nice "in an emergency" to use. from this website you may like it too:

it may have some stuff in there for allergies ?

k, thanks for doing this post. seriously! yay for me and clearing up how to pulp the veggies properly for the dogs! "food processing" is the wrong term to use when the BARFers talk about mashing veggies and so is "juicing"!