Monday, January 1, 2007


Name: Iris

Sex: Female (spayed)

Age: 4 years old

Weight: 35 lbs

Breed: Best guess - Golden Retreiver / Terrier Mix

Medical: dewormed, current on vaccinations, rabies, heart-worm tested negative, spayed, microchipped with an ISO chip

Iris was abandoned at a fruit market in Taiwan when she was a puppy. People in the market were not friendly to her, a common occurrence towards stray dogs. They drove her away whenever she tried to approach anybody. When she was six month old, a kind lady sent her to a private “sanctuary” where she would at least be safe from the cruelty of others.

Unfortunately, there were more than three hundred dogs kept at the santuary. Iris was confined in a very narrow crate in which she had little space to turn around. One day one of her front paws got caught in the crate. She cried for help but no one paid attention to her because the sanctuary was noisy and overcrowded. The people who fed the dogs didn’t even notice Iris’ plight.

Day in and day out, Iris’ paw was stuck in the wire of the crate. Poor circulation left her front paw twisted. It was nearly a month before the caretaker discovered Iris’ problem but by then, it was too late to mend it. The vet had no way to correct it. The result is that Iris’ left front paw is turned outwards which causes her to walk with a limp. She can nevertheless run and jump like any other dog.