Saturday, January 6, 2007

Progress . . .

Iris is already starting to come out of her shell a little. She no longer spends all of her time hiding under my desk or in a crate. She now follows me around the house, hoping to get another treat maybe, and takes an interest in what I do. She doesn't run from me as much and even wags her tail when I pet her. She allowed me to clean her ears today and check her teeth.

While still very submissive towards the humans in the house, her confidence is increasing rapidly towards the dogs. If they invade her space under the desk, she has no problem telling them to move out of there with a show of her teeth. Iris still doesn't interact much with the other dogs and still runs away from them sometimes but she watches their interaction with me very closely.

Iris is a very low-key dog. She appears housetrained and has no destructive habits. She has been very quiet and mellow.

Iris used to remain hidden whenever I left the house. Here she is for the first time watching me through the window (you can also see my other dog, Phoebe).

Iris' favorite place to be is still under my desk, especially since that is where I spend most of the day. Here she is peeping from under the desk to see what's going on. As you can see, her head ventured out more and more as the days passed.

Iris has become a collector of toys now. She doesn't play with them, she just picks them up and brings them to her "den" under the table. I leave toys all over the floor, and it's fun to watch her pick up one at a time and bring them all back to her sleeping area.

Here she is, standing right in front of me and allowing me to take a picture of her. Previously, she would run and hide and never allow me this close to her.