Tuesday, January 16, 2007

$600 Reward

$600 REWARD FOR IRIS' SAFE RETURN! There really isn't any other update right now. A museum worker in GGP thought she saw Iris being led off by an older couple away from the Rose Garden, but after more consideration, she didn't think the dog was Iris after all. My hope against hope is that somebody did find Iris and take her home with them, that Iris is somewhere safe and warm. But I don't know that I really believe that.

Yesterday, Sue, the woman whose 2 sons sighted Iris on January 10, generously took us to the exact spot where her sons saw Iris. It was on Martin Luther King Dr, right where it hits the driveway entrace to Stow Lake. There is a small playground near that entrance as well. Stow Lake is elevated and Iris was seen coming down toward MLK Dr. Sue said her sons reported that her coat was dirty, and if her coat was dirty after just 24 hours, I am thinking it must be filthy by now. Which means the light tanness of her coat may no longer be visible. I sat watching that spot where Iris was seen for 4 hours yesterday, just hoping that she would pass by it again. But it didn't happen.