Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Are You a Golden Gate Park Regular?

Do you visit the dog park in GGP on 9th & Lincoln? If so, we need your help! We met a woman today at the dog park that said she saw a man with his own dog trying to coax another dog out from the bushes at around 5PM. She unfortunately could not describe the man or his dog, and did not know if he was successful in luring the hiding dog out. We are not sure at this point if this dog was Iris but she was described as "light colored, very dirty, and very shy." The woman said that the man said that the dog "did not look good" and that he was "very concerned."

We are desperate to reach this kind man to ask him the outcome and to possibly discover if the dog was in fact Iris. If you visit this dog park, can you please ask around? Please click here to access a LOST DOG flyer. If you would be willing to help us pass out flyers (unfortunately, as a very irate member of the Community Cleanup Project informed me, flyers are not allowed to be posted in GGP), please send an email with your address and I will gladly mail you several dozen colored flyers.

Iris has now been missing for almost 3 times as long as she was with me. Every day that passes is another day that my heart breaks a little more.