Sunday, January 7, 2007

A Little Goodbye

Today was a difficult day. I dropped Iris off at her new foster home with a wonderful man who will be able to better help with Iris' socialization. It was hard to part with her because she had already started to become attached to me and vice versa, and it was especially difficult to watch her withdraw all over again at her new foster home. But I know in the long run this is what's best for her. I already miss her.

Here are some video clips of Iris during the last couple of days she stayed with me. Not much happens but it will give you a better glimpse of just how much she came out of her shell in just those 5 days.

Iris is the kind of dog that makes you appreciate every aspect of life. A simple wag of her tail is nothing less than small victory. In just 5 days, Iris came to trust me enough to follow closely at my heels wherever I went in the house. I have caught a glimpse of the depth of love and loyalty she is capable of, and I hope that she will soon have a forever family that will appreciate and nurture her gentle heart.