Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bath Crazy

Popeye got an oatmeal bath on the lawn (which Boomer found delicious and cleaned up afterwards). Here he is going crazy after the rinse.

And that was just the part I was able to catch on camera. He was way crazier than that!

Note to self: Don't let him do this again without pants. He got some grass burn on the areas of his stumps that don't have hair.


Isis said...


Nancy Bailey said...

The joy of a good bath. Popeye you are one animated boy.

Wild Dingo said...

HOLY COW! that dog can FLY! it shocks me. Loki and Juno are always like that after the bath. Loki's ok in the shower w/me, but Juno, she acts like I'm torturing her and howls. typical husky.

fosterdogblog said...

I think most people don't realize just how fast Popeye can be. His rear legs may be out of the picture but that doesn't slow his front legs down any. He may not run as quickly as he would with the power of all 4 legs behind him, but he'll still seriously give you a run for the money.

All the dogs go crazy after baths. I love it.