Friday, June 12, 2009



Wild Dingo said...

HOLY COW! Awesome! You can tell he's either a little tentitive or he needs to build up a little strength to pull a little harder on difficult terrain, but knowing him, it isn't anything difficult! i'm surprise he hasn't tried those little stairs in your back yard yet! you must be THRILLED with those wheels. were they expensive?

fosterdogblog said...

Just over $300 and well worth the money, IMO. I was really hesitant to spend so much on another cart when I had already spent a similar amount on the first cart, which was decent if not fantastic. I'm so glad I decided to go for it though. The freedom this cart gives to Popeye and the joy and relief it gives me is priceless.

Popeye is tentative with a lot of things. He's a smart guy and knows when some things might be beyond him. That was the first time he went off-roading on that trail, and you can see he did it again once he realized he could do it the first time.

He's tried the stairs in the backyard but they are pretty high and don't have a lot of clearance. I'm not sure if going up on them would be doable in a cart.