Monday, June 1, 2009

Boomer's 4th Anniversary

Boomer came to us exactly 4 years ago today, the day after Jasper died. Our very first rescued dog.

The first night. He growled at Tyler that night.

What mess?

Phoebe joins the picture. They used to wrestle and chase each other non stop!

He likes to sleep in my closet.

Uh, somebody forgot to tell this guy I don't like puppies.

He's our #1 dog.


GiGwriter said...

It's so clear that you have a magic touch with dogs. What a happy crew :)

Wild Dingo said...

OMG! Loki had his ONE year anniversary yesterday! He (and Juno) got tri-tip and a teeny mini-white cup cake. (I know, not good, it was just that once.)

I love the video! I love the way Popeye was play biting Boomer. Loki does the EXACT same thing to dogs he plays with or Juno. Bite right on the cheek. I love the way he tried very hard to dominate Boomer a little bit and Boomer, being a very confident alpha dog, simply moved away from him. Very smart, very confident. I like that in Boomer. Popeye has a good role model!

Sugar said...

Happy birthday Boomer! You look so young & handsome in the earlier photos; and you have grown into a very distinguished gentleman.