Monday, June 8, 2009

Lap Dog

Pitbulls? The ultimate lap dogs.

(Aside: Ella, Phoebe, & Kolohe are all from the same litter.)

Taiwan Dogs (aka Formosan Mountain Dogs)? Totally not lap dogs. Out of the 30 or so we've fostered, I can't remember a single one that liked to cuddle on our laps--not even the puppies.

So it was with much surprise that Popeye crawled onto my lap the other day. Probably a fluke, but very gratifying.


Isis said...

Nope I don't like laps at all.

Nancy Bailey said...

Maybe Popeye is learning from watching the other dogs. Sirius learned to shake hands from watching another dog that I was caring for. He watched her shaking hands and getting lots of hugs for it and the next thing I knew he was shaking hands too.

Wild Dingo said...

Oh No.... if i would let my 72 lb Formosan dog on my lap, he'd put his big but there and never move. in fact, he has a thing about sitting on people. he LOVES it. Some of my friends come over just to have Loki sit on them. BUT i have to say, i think it may be partly from the GSD possessiveness... or not. either way, he is a total lap dog... if i would only let him more often! The only reason I don't let him, is because he's dominant, and he (nor my other dog) is not allowed on the furniture. we cuddle on the floor or in his bed.

Sugar said...

Sugar says, "hey, I may not be a lap dog, but I LOVE my morning cuddles with crazy lady! I roll all over her and plant my face on her tummy, begging to be hugged and scratched. I have a bony ass, so I think it hurts to sit on her legs. I make up for it by demanding hugs & kisses, especially when she's working too hard at the computer. She tries to ignore me when I lick her feet, but haha! I get her stop and hug me, every time. Yep, I love my cuddle times!"
**Virtual hugs from Sugar, currently touring Virginia and DC**