Friday, August 14, 2009

Ai Yi Yi

As if Popeye's allergies haven't driven me crazy enough, Phoebe's been getting blisters on her paw pads left and right. We think they might be caused by the hot asphalt in this off and on scorching weather. The skin on her pink pads peel off, and then she licks and licks them, causing even more of it to peel off. This is a problem she's had for years, but this year it seems to be recurring a lot more frequently. All it usually takes to clear up mostly is a few days of ointment prescribed by the vet. But sometimes she licks the stuff off. Sooooo . . . . . .

(Look at Boomer saying, "Check my cavities!" in the background.)

Those are my socks she's wearing (yes, Hanes!), held on by vet tape.

And when the socks fell off at the end of our walk up the trail . . . .

(That's Popeye stalking Phoebe again.)

At first, I used the Comfy Cone on her, but it completely blocked her peripheral vision and she just froze.

And while she didn't particularly love wearing the soft e-collar either, she didn't seem to mind it very much.

I will be ordering some Tuf-Foot lotion which supposedly toughens paws (and human feet). When I asked, the manufacturer said it could also be used on Popeye's stumps.


Wild Dingo said...

Ahahaha! Popeye has his revenge! Boomer has to wear the silly dohnut and look like a sideshow clown! (good idea about the toughening paws and stumps!)

Madeleine said...

Oh right, now I have a name and don't have to be annonymous. I am your mystery 6th reader. But I thought Phoebe is the one wearing the socks while Boomer seems like laughing at the back in one the photo, haha!

fosterdogblog said...

Madeleine! Now all 6 readers are revealed. Yes, that's Phoebe with the socks and Boomer is the one laughing at her. Wild Dingo is confused--happens quite a bit when you live with a FMD.