Saturday, August 8, 2009

Miko Arrives

This is Popeye here. Foster Mum says she's busy bringing home the bacon (yum, bacon) so she asked me to write a quick update (yes, I am indeed a very talented dog) letting the 5 people who read this blog regularly know that Miko arrived to the Bay Area today.

It was a close call as a typhoon hit Taiwan yesterday, causing major disruptions and delaying both the train and then the flight that would get Miko one step closer to her new beginning. But she finally landed at SFO this evening, where Foster Mum was waiting to pick her up and transport to Robin, her foster mum.

Foster Mum has a rule about the fearful dogs she picks up. Having experienced the agony of fearful dogs getting loose and gone missing one too many times (not on her watch, but she's been involved in their search), Foster Mum doesn't allow fearful dogs out of their crate until they are safely ensconced (that's a big word for a little dog, huh?) in a secured home. I don't think Miko minded though because she was so shy that if Foster Mum even looked at her at first, she would cower in the back of her crate and turn her head away.

But by the end of the hour-long ride to Vallejo, where Robin met up with them, Miko overcame her fear just a tiny bit and sniffed Foster Mum's finger through the crate. Foster Mum could tell she is a very curious girl because when Miko thought nobody was watching her, she stood right up against the crate door to sniff and watch everything around her.

Foster Mum is super excited to hear how Miko progresses (hint hint, Robin). She wishes she could be the one to witness and assist in Miko's transformation, but she says she's already got her hands full. She must be talking about Boomer and Phoebe.

If you would like to help with Miko's care, you can make a donation here. Or send an email of encouragement and well wishes. Since I am multi-lingual and fluent in dog (being my native language), I will serve as a translator to Miko so that she knows how many people are rooting for her.

A big thank-you also to Animal Rescue Team Taiwan for their undying devotion to animals in distress. Without them, it's very unlikely that dogs like me and Miko would be alive today.


Judy H. Wong said...

Very cute entry Popeye! :)

Best wishes and speedy adjustment to your new life Miko!!

Wild Dingo said...